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Analysis Of Common Fault Problems Of Stone Carving Machine

Analysis Of Common Fault Problems Of Stone Carving Machine

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Analysis Of Common Fault Problems Of Stone Carving Machine

1. The spindle of the stone carving machine cannot reach the specified speed

Users who have used the carving machine for a long time know that the carving quality of the carving machine and the carving speed are closely related, and the relationship between the pros and cons of the spindle motor is always related to the quality of the products produced. Therefore, when purchasing a stone carving machine, it is very important to choose the spindle motor of the carving machine. When checking the spindle speed of the carving machine, you can start from the following points. First, check whether the line between the inverter and the wiring board is connected properly. If it is not connected normally, the power supply of the carving machine should be cut off in time to observe, and the fault should be corrected in time. The next step is to check whether the internal parameters of the inverter meet the product parameters you need to process. If it is not suitable, you need to replace the carving machine for operation, and then check whether the micro-macro card, data cable, wiring board is damaged and whether the DSP handle is damaged. If the parameters inside are not normal, please reset them.

2. The machine tool of the stone carving machine does not return to its original position

After the stone carving machine is processed, the machine will not reach the work origin. We mainly summarize some common reasons. The first is whether the limit switch is turned on when the carving machine is installed. If the limit switch is turned on, you need to check whether the limit switch is damaged or has been broken, and then check whether the Weihong card installation is damaged, generally there is no major problem, then check whether the drawing file is wrong, and whether the parameters in the DSP handle are completely correct. Careful inspection is required. After the carving of the stone carving machine is completed, Weihong presses the handle of the F7DSP and presses the confirm button to see if it can return to the origin

3. The sawtooth of the stone carving machine vibrates when working

The main reason why the stone carving machine shakes under normal conditions is that the screws of each axis bearing of the machine tool may loosen after loosening. Observe whether the carving machine is parallel to the ground and observe the slider. Whether the motor belt or coupling is loose or damaged. For some smaller processing ranges, check if the dithering speed is too fast. If it’s not fast, you can change it with a little tweaking. A wide range of jitter should mean that the processed graph has been segmented by you.

4. Stone carving machine carving dislocation phenomenon

It is very common for the stone carving machine to be dislocated. Many people know little about the dislocation of the carving machine. In fact, the main reasons for the movement of the stone carving machine are these points. The most likely problem is the driver. One of the most common causes of misalignment is a problem with electronic components. Then there’s the voltage issue. When the carving machine is processing for a long time, a stable voltage is required to power the carving machine. If the voltage is unstable and insufficient power is supplied to the drive, the power cannot be reached, causing misalignment. There is also a problem with the spindle motor of the carving machine. If it is a stepper motor or a servo motor, the whole machine will not move in a certain direction, and it will not move no matter what you do.

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