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diamond wire saw cutting machine

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Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine​

1. What is a Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine?

Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine, also known as diamond bead saw, also known as diamond bead wire cutting machine, is the most advanced stone mining equipment in the world. The diamond wire saw is the third generation product in the development of diamond tools. As a new generation of cutting tools, after more than 20 years of research, development, and improvement. Diamond wire sawing machines have been widely used in the stone industry, machinery industry, and construction fields, mainly used in the mining and processing of stone. the demolition and repair of reinforced concrete buildings, and the processing of brittle and hard materials such as glass. With the progress of foreign research on sawing steel parts with a diamond wire saw. it has also been used in special fields such as the maintenance of subsea components and the dismantling of nuclear power plants.
The Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine is a cutting tool that has developed rapidly in the past ten years. It was produced in the 1970s and was originally used in the mining of stone. Later, it was widely used in the demolition and reconstruction of concrete structures such as buildings and bridges and was also used for cutting glass and other materials. The ancient blast-type mining has serious environmental damage and waste of resources. At present, the most popular mining method is diamond wire saw mining.
Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine cutting is a high-speed movement of diamond wire around the cutting surface under the drive of a hydraulic motor to grind the cutting body to complete the cutting work. How to use the diamond wire saw cutting machine? The following will introduce you to the knowledge of the use method and principle of the diamond wire saw cutting machine.

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2. Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine Cutting Construction Characteristics

Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine construction characteristics
(1) Since diamond is used as abrasive material, it can cut and separate any hard objects.
(2) The cutting is carried out under the drive of a hydraulic motor. The hydraulic pump runs smoothly, and the hydraulic motor can be controlled remotely through the high-pressure oil line. Therefore, the vibration and noise during the cutting process are very small, and the cutting body can be statically separated under stable conditions.
(3) During the cutting process, the diamond rope running at high speed is cooled by water, and the grinding debris is taken away. The recycled water produced can be collected and reused.
(4) It is not limited by the shape and size of the object to be cut, and can be cut in any direction. Such as diagonal, vertical, horizontal, etc.
(5) The hydraulic diamond wire saw has fast cutting speed and high power; it is unmatched by other types of cutting methods.
diamond wire saw cutting machine

3. Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine Cutting Method.

(1) Fix the main tripod and auxiliary tripod of the wire saw machine, and the installation of the guide wheel must be stable. The edge of the wheel must be aligned with the center line of the rope hole to ensure the effective cutting speed of the cutting surface, and strictly implement the installation accuracy requirements.
(2) Install the rope. Wind the diamond rope on the driving wheel and auxiliary wheel in a certain order according to the determined cutting form. Note that the direction of the rope should be consistent with the driving direction of the driving wheel.
(3)) The connection of the relevant operating system and the technical measures for safety protection are based on the situation on site. The connection of water, electricity, mechanical equipment and other related pipelines should be properly standardized and relatively concentrated. Strictly follow the safety operation procedures for the wiring arrangement to prevent a lot of machines, people, auxiliary equipment, and materials from being placed randomly, which may cause hidden dangers of accidents. During the rope cutting process, the front of the direction of the rope movement must be protected by a safety barrier, and a safety sign shall be set up in a certain area to remind pedestrians not to enter the construction work area.
(4)) Start the electric motor for cutting, and adjust the tension of the driving wheel through the control panel to ensure that the diamond wire saw machine rope is properly tightened. Supply circulating cooling water, and then start another electric motor to drive the driving wheel to drive the diamond rope to rotate and cut. During the cutting process, the stability of the machine base must be closely observed, and the offset of the guide wheel must be adjusted at any time to ensure that the cutting rope is in the same plane.
(5)) Selection of cutting parameters During the cutting process, the diamond wire saw stone cutting parameters are adjusted by operating the control panel to ensure that the linear speed of the diamond wire is about 20m/s. On the other hand, a sufficient amount of flushing fluid should be ensured during the cutting process to ensure the cooling of the diamond wire and take away the grinding powder. The cutting operation achieves stable speed, stable parameters and stable equipment.
(6)) The problems that should be paid attention to in the cutting process should be solved by corresponding measures such as rope jams and broken ropes. Safety protection measures must be strict and strict, otherwise, the diamond beads on the broken diamond rope will fly out like bullets and hurt people. Therefore, in addition to taking necessary protective measures at the scene, all unrelated people will be refused to observe.
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4. Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine Cutting Principle

Diamond wire saw cutting is a high-speed movement of diamond wire around the cutting surface under the drive of a hydraulic motor to grind the cutting body to complete the cutting work. Since diamond single crystal is used as abrasive material, it can cut hard objects such as stone and reinforced concrete. 

The diamond wire saw machine cutting is driven by a hydraulic motor, the hydraulic pump runs smoothly, and the operation can be controlled remotely through a high-pressure oil pipe. Therefore, the cutting process is not only safe and convenient to operate, but also has little vibration and noise, and the objects to be cut can be separated with almost no disturbance. The diamond ropes running at high speed during the cutting process are cooled by water and carry away the grinding debris.

5. Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine Construction Characteristics

①It is not limited by the size and shape of the object to be cut, and it can cut and dismantle large reinforced concrete structures;

②The diamond wire saw machine cutting speed is fast, the incision is straight, no subsequent procedures are required, and there is no damage to the building structure;

③It can realize cutting in any direction, such as horizontal, vertical, diagonal direction, etc.;

④Fast diamond wire saw stone cutting can shorten the construction period. Cutting efficiency: about 2m2/h; the cutting process can be remotely controlled, efficient and safe;

⑤Solve the problems of vibration, noise, dust and other environmental pollution in the process of conventional demolition construction;

⑥The remote operation control can realize the cutting that is difficult to be completed by general equipment and technology in some specific environments such as underwater and dangerous operation areas.

6. Introduction Of Diamond Rope Saw

The diamond wire saw consists of a wire rope core, diamond beads and an isolation sleeve. The beads are threaded on the rope core at certain intervals and separated by spacers. The performance of the bead saw, such as cutting efficiency, service life, etc., mainly depends on the physical and mechanical properties of the diamond beads. There are two manufacturing methods for traditional beading, electroplating and hot pressing sintering. Initially, diamond beads were manufactured by electroplating, and after 1983, they were produced by sintering. The former has only one layer of diamond abrasive, and the cutting speed is faster at the beginning, but the wear speed is also faster; while the diamond abrasive of the latter can be continuously updated, the cutting speed is slower, but the service life is long. The common disadvantage of these two kinds of beads is that the diamond abrasive is randomly distributed and unevenly distributed.
All countries attach great importance to the research on diamond wire saws. Austria developed and produced a diamond wire saw that can process glass, stone and other round table tops and other valuable furniture, as well as tombstones and quartz glass, as well as cutting glass panels. The saw can complete two-dimensional surfaces such as bevels, vertical faces, internal grooves, and cut circles. The diamond wire saw stone cutting speed is 30m/s, the feed speed is 5cm/min, and the bead diameter is 9mm. Italy’s Bideseimpianti company developed a computer-controlled 4-axis intermodal diamond wire saw in 1997. The saw has two linear motion axes, a vertical axis of rotation, and a horizontal axis of rotation. Cylinders, cones and other shaped surfaces of different lengths can be processed, for example, a spiral staircase can be processed from a single piece of stone. The diamond wire saw stone cutting speed is 10~40m/s, and the feeding speed is 1.1m/h.
The Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine can cut not only straight surfaces, but also curved surfaces. When cutting sheets, it can also perform multi-pass diamond wire saw cutting, and the production efficiency is very high. But limited by the diameter of the beads, the slit is relatively wide. Therefore, it cannot be used for cutting of fine structures and precious materials at present.

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

With a simple and easy-to use interface, the Diamond Wire Saw Machine allows for quick cuts of any material. It also comes with an exceptional warranty that provides peace of mind when investing in equipment capable to last many years! The saw features high quality components which ensure durability while delivering great performance at all times; not only will you be able cut through different types or sizes without difficulty but it'll never wear down quickly either like other products do after just one hour's worth time spent on them - this means more productivity from your staff because they can spend less total amount working towards meeting deadlines over entire shifts instead if there were occasional breaks required every couple minutes.
Julien Picano
From Italy
This wire saw machine for granite is a must-have for any workshop! Gain the power to cut anything with ease and precision. The Diamond Wire Saw Stone Cutting Machine will turn your daily jobs into quick successes, so you can focus on bigger ones without worrying about time constraints or struggling through difficult material selections - it does all of this automatically thanks in part to its high-quality construction that ensures durability.
Pule Seretidi
from India
The diamond wire cutting machine from our company is a great addition to any workshop. This machine can be used for cutting metal, stone or concrete and easily produces straight edges with accurate cuts every time thanks in part due to its diamond-equipped blade that never gets dull no matter how often you use it!
Mario Krajinovic
From France
This diamond wire saw stone cutting is an efficient and durable cutting tool that can be used in your workshop. It features a high-speed steel blade with diamond teeth for increased efficiency, as well as ball-bearing housing to prevent slippage during use - all at affordable prices!
Patrick Bishop
from India
The diamond wire rock cutting machine is a great addition to your workshop. It's very easy and quick for anyone in the field of manufacturing or construction work, as it will save them time by reducing their need to find large stones from far away places with high prices - this device does all that! You can cut stone sheets easily using these machines which means more production without sacrificing quality so both cost-wise AND efficiency-wise there really isn't anything else like this product on market today.
Marcel Firnhaber
from Canada
The Diamond Wire Saw Stone Cutting Machine is a high-quality product that provides an excellent cutting experience. This stone cutting wire saw machine produces sharp cuts with no effort, and it features premium cast iron teeth for lasting durability! I would highly recommend this tool if you are looking to upgrade your workshop’s equipment or just starting out in general; its performance will not disappoint anyone who buys one of these machines as well.
felix Z.
From South Africa
The wire saw stone cutting machine is a powerful and versatile tool that can be used in many different workshops. It's perfect for cutting Granite, Marble, and Brick with ease while being able to cut through various materials up close without any effort whatsoever!
Bob Heintz
from New Zealand
The Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine is a very high-quality power tool that will help you in your stone processing workshop. It has strong, durable construction and reliable performance for any professional user who demands their equipment to provide top-notch durability!
Hemal Patel
from U.K
The marble wire cutting machine is a great tool for cutting metal. It can be used to venture into any type of material, whether it's Granite or Marble - the powerful motor will have no problem handling whatever you throw at this machine!
Hemal Patel
from United States

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