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Five Points To help you Choose The Right Stone carving Machine Tool

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The quality of the knives of stone carving machines on the market is uneven, and the prices of knives of different brands are also very different. This has caused a lot of trouble for stone engraving machine users to choose the correct tool. In response to this situation, this paper summarizes the following Five points to help you choose the right stone engraving machine tool

1) pay attention to the high hardness and wear resistance of stone carving tools.


Hardness is the basic characteristic that the stone tool material should have. Its hardness must be greater than that of the workpiece material in order to be able to cut the material from the workpiece. Wear resistance is the ability of a material to resist wear. In general, the higher the hardness of the tool material, the better the wear resistance, the finer and uniform the material grains, and the better the wear resistance.

2) pay attention to the strength and toughness of stone carving.

The tool material must have sufficient strength and toughness so that the tool can work properly without chipping and breaking under conditions of high pressure, shock and vibration during cutting.

3) pay attention to the high heat resistance of stone carving knives.

Tool materials retain their properties of hardness, wear resistance, strength, and toughness at elevated temperatures. The higher the high-temperature hardness of the tool material. The better the cutting performance of the tool and the higher the allowable cutting speed. In addition to high-temperature hardness, the tool material should also have resistance to oxidation, sticking and diffusion at high temperatures.

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4) pay attention to the economy of stone carving tools.

The economy is one of the important indicators of tool materials. Although some tools are expensive, their service life is also very long. Can’t just be cheap.

5) pay attention to the predictability of the process performance and cutting performance of stone carving tools.

For ease of manufacture, the tool material is required to have good process properties. With the development of machining automation, cutting performance such as tool wear and tool durability are required to have good predictability.
The stone engraving machine is an engraving machine with a wide range of scales and uses. Stone engraving machine has a wide range of applications in the stone industry, construction industry, and mold industry. So what kinds of knives are stone engraving machines usually equipped with? Generally speaking, the tools of stone engraving machines generally have the following categories
Five Points To Help You Choose The Right Stone Carving Machine Tool

1. Standard Angle Alloy Tool

Made of high-performance alloy material, double-edged design, standard angle, lettering, and fine embossing are all good. Generally used for carving bluestone, marble! Can be custom sharpened to a flat-bottomed point knife with a flat bottom

2. Smelting diamond grinding head knife

The smelting diamond grinding head knife is manufactured by the military high-tech “melting diamond technology”. It has the characteristics of good sharpness, high engraving efficiency, no deformation of the cutter head. and high engraving accuracy! Therefore, when carving marble, bluestone, sandstone, and other materials, it is often used as the first choice for high-efficiency relief carving, and it is also a sharp tool for engraving large characters.

3. Integral alloy triangular knife

The overall alloy triangular knife adopts ultra-fine super wear-resistant alloy. The wear resistance is much higher than other triangular knives on the market. Standard angle, good lettering effect! Customers who have a universal knife sharpener can use this knife. If there is no universal sharpener, it is not recommended to use it.

4. PCD polycrystalline diamond knife

Using imported polycrystalline diamond blades, the quality is far from comparable to cheap domestic blades! Using vacuum welding technology, the blade is not damaged and does not fall off. the micro-grinding technology optimizes the sharpness and strength of the blade. Generally used to engrave granite small characters. Good hardness, long life, and good engraving effect. When using, you should pay attention to the flexible cutting, and do not cut the knife too hard!

5. Sintered diamond grinder

The sintered diamond grinding head is generally used for granite bottom milling. Since the cutter head is made of multi-layer diamond sintering, it has a very high life! The disadvantage is that the sharpness is not high, and the cutter head will be deformed. Therefore, for carving marble, bluestone, and other materials, in order to make you get higher output and carving effect. it is not recommended to use a sintered knife. When making granite and other difficult-to-machine stones, in order to avoid excessively high tool costs, you can choose a sintered sharpener!

6. Diamond Four-Edged Knife

Generally used for engraving granite small characters or line carving. The advantage is that it has a higher lifespan, but the disadvantage is that the sharpness is relatively poor and the engraving depth is shallow!

7. Ordinary knife type alloy tool

This kind of stone carving tool is made of high-performance alloy material, double-edged design, good sharpness, cost-effective, and easy to regrind by hand. Disadvantages: This knife type is not suitable for relief due to the non-standard angle (there is another larger angle at the tip of the knife). Generally used for carving bluestone (display of stone carving samples), marble, and white marble carving.

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