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How To Get Seamless Stone Slab?

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How important is it to know how to get seamless slate slab?

Stone is widely used as a floor covering material, and the decorative effect of noble, elegant and illuminating people is deeply loved by people. The maintenance system of the stone has continuously improved processes such as waxing and crystal surface treatment, which can ensure the brightness of the stone surface

But the fly in the ointment is that the adjacent joints of the stone have not been well handled. The stone joints will have joints notches due to the insufficient flatness of the stone paving or the stone itself. After the stone has been used for a period of time, the joints will disappear. There will be irreversible pollution. On the one hand, it will cause the joints to become black. On the other hand, the stains will penetrate into the pores of the stone and cause stone lesions, which will seriously damage the overall beauty of the stone.

how to get seamless stone slab

Stone seamless treatment The so-called seamless grinding treatment is to fill the gap between the adjacent gaps of the laid slate with a special caulking agent similar in color to the slate. and then use professional equipment and technology to grind and polish it. . After being processed in this way, the slate will present a large, undivided stone beauty.

How To Get Seamless Stone Slab?

The construction process of stone seamless treatment generally has the following steps:
1. First clean up the original fillers between the stone gaps, and then use a special stone slitting machine to re-cut the slits in the original stone installations to minimize the width difference between the stones. and then use a stone close to the stone Fill it with colored marble glue. (Note: If the middle seam treatment has been done before, there is no need to re-seam).
2. Use the marble glue that is close to the color of the stone itself and make a perfect color matching of the marble glue, so that it is fully close to the color of the original stone to improve the overall sense and achieve the most ideal visual effect.
3. Fill the adjusted marble glue. Since the marble glue will shrink to a certain extent after it is completely solidified. the marble glue should be slightly higher than the level of the stone, so that it will not be filled multiple times.
4. Use grinding and polishing sheets and grinding fillers to make it a horizontal plane with the stone, increase the overall sense of the stone. and solve the problem of height between the gaps and prevent the gaps from returning to black again. Use the granite refurbishment machine and the special notch grinding disc to carefully polish the notch position to make it a flat whole with the stone.
5. Grinding and polishing: Use a special granite polishing machine to grind the stone from coarse to fine with a 50-3000 stone water mill, so that the ground is bright and smooth as new.
6. Crystallization treatment: The stone crystal powder and crystallizing agent are used for polishing with a crystal surface grinding machine. Under the heavy pressure of grinding, the stone and crystal powder undergo physical and chemical comprehensive reactions under the action of high temperature to form a dense and hard crystal protective layer. After crystallization, it can enhance the color and brightness. and can also achieve anti-slip, waterproof, oil-proof and other effects.
After the above stone seamless process, the gap will have good brightness, which is close to the color of the stone, and the overall feeling is very strong. Moreover, because of the stain resistance, water resistance and oxidation resistance of marble glue, there will be no black seams.

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