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Principle Of Cold Water Cooling Of Diamond Stone Cutting Machine

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When diamond saw blades cut stone, they generally use self-flowing or circulating water to cool the saw blades and discharge cuttings. The function of cold water cooling: one is to cool the heat energy generated by adjusting friction during cutting, thereby prolonging the service life of the saw blade; the other is to lubricate the surface of the cut stone to make it smooth and flat, reducing the resistance during cutting; The friction between the stone chips and the falling diamond powder makes the diamond continuously emerge and speed up the cutting speed. Almost all the stone cutting operations of diamond saw blades are cooled by cold water. This two-sided cooling system consists of elbows and perforated pipes. Requirements for this coolant supply system:

1. The piping system must be introduced into the central part of the saw blade, so that the coolant flowing out of the pipe flows from the tangential direction of the saw blade to the saw blade;

2. The holes on the pipe must be positioned so that the coolant flows to the central part of the saw blade not at right angles but at an angle of 45 to 60 degrees;

3. The appropriate number of eyes must be selected so that the coolant continuously flows through the entire length of the tube and is spit to the central part of the saw blade at a pressure of 0.01 to 0.05MPa;

4. In order to alternate deep cuts, make the cooling liquid cover a fan-shaped area of ​​130 degrees, as shown in the figure below, by changing the length of the fork joint, the shape of the U-shaped pipe, or the distribution of the holes, the cooling liquid can cover a smaller fan-shaped area or become a Single-sided fan-shaped cooling area.

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