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Quarry Stone Cutting Machine – (For Cutting Natural Stone)

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Quarry Stone Cutting Machine

Quarry Stone Cutting Machine details

Quarry Stone Cutting Machine

Model: QWS-37, QWS-45, QWS-55, QWS-75

Product Features:

This Quarry Stone Cutting Machine adopts double inverter step-less speed regulation while cutting, it can achieve constant tension wire cutting process and automatic control, the automatic control system can be realized according to the speed of walking machine change science to adjust the load, which is always in the best working state of diamond wire.

What Is Quarry Stone Cutting Machine?

Quarry Stone Cutting Machine, also called quarry stone block cutting machine, are used for quarrying in open-pit mines. The quarry stone cutting machine adopts the most advanced inverter control, automatic cutting, fast cutting speed, and safe and simple operation. Quarry stone cutting machine not only fundamentally removes the danger of blasting operations to operators, but also reduces the labor intensity of operators, avoids the pollution of dust and noise caused by flame cutting and blasting to the environment, improves resource utilization, and reduces mines. Waste rock emissions, while reducing mining costs.

quarry stone block cutting machine

The power of the quarry stone cutting machine is to directly drive the driving wheel by the motor, and the driving wheel drives the rope to rotate. The advantage is that there is no need for a large amount of cooling water, and the cost is low. The disadvantage is that the construction is not as flexible as the hydraulic wire saw. This quarry stone block cutting machine is a special wire saw for high-strength quarrying projects, with high cutting efficiency, long service life, smooth running and cutting, and low cost. Efficient, safe, and durable.

Quarry stone cutting machine, this kind of mountain saw is generally powered by an electric motor or a diesel engine and uses the track as the road to continuously mine stone blocks in the mine. Through the combination of a hydraulic system and wet mining, the mountain saw realizes a new mining process for stone and stone blocks with no thermal cutting, no dust pollution, safety, and reliability, saving labor and labor intensity. The use and promotion of mountain-cutting stone cutters, it has gradually changed the original mining, and fundamentally solved the problems of high mining costs, unsafe, damaged resources, and polluted the environment caused by traditional mining. The invention and use of mountain-cutting machines filled this gap.
The multi-functional rock cutting machine produced has the advantages of improving the utilization rate of stone resources, increasing the yield of stone products, environmental protection, ensuring the safety of the worksite and the outside world, protecting the safety of the social environment, reducing investment, increasing income, and improving stone quality. Automatic High performance, reduced labor intensity, simple operation, convenient use, etc.

Scope Of Application Of Quarry Stone Cutting Machine

a) Cutting and demolition of large reinforced concrete structures, such as the overall cutting and demolition of buildings.

b) Cutting and demolition of various reinforced concrete bridges, abutments, piers and foundations.

c) Cutting of underwater structures with high technical difficulty.

d) The removal and cutting of cultural relics and the peeling and cutting of cliff stone carvings.

e) Cutting of column structures, such as towering chimneys.

f) Subway stations, nuclear power plants and other buildings that have special requirements for vibration and noise generated by construction

Analysis Of The Advantages Of Quarry Stone Cutting Machine

(1) Wide adaptability, wire saw is suitable for all types of mines.

(2) The function is strong and the efficiency is high. The first mining depth is deep, which can reach 10-20m or even deeper, and the conventional mining is generally only within 10m; secondly, the cutting speed is fast, which can generally reach 4-5m2/h

(3) The wire saw can cut vertically, horizontally, obliquely, etc. in all directions, and can also perform blind cutting.

(4) The finished product rate is high and the comprehensive cost is low. The cutting surface of the S first wire saw is very flat and will not cause any internal damage to the block material. Secondly, the saw gap is small, only about 11mm, which will not cause waste of resources;

(5) Safety and environmental protection, wire saw mining has no noise and dust, and has a high degree of automation, separate control, low labor intensity and high safety; conventional cutting noise and dust are very large, and the labor intensity of workers is relatively high. lower.

Quarry Stone Cutting Machine Photos

Quarry Stone Cutting Machine in the quarry
Quarry Stone Cutting Machine in the quarry (2)

Advantages Of Our Quarry Stone Cutting Machine

1. The Quarry Stone Cutting Machine is manufactured with the most advanced technology in the world and is suitable for the separation and demolition of various mines such as granite, marble, bluestone, limestone, as well as large bridges and high-rise buildings.

2. Using Japan’s advanced automatic control frequency conversion device, automatic cutting control, fast cutting speed, safe and easy operation, (main electronic control system warranty period of 3 years, lifetime maintenance).

3. Equipped with a computer program device to ensure that the walking drive motor maintains a constant pulling force.

4. The cutting device can be rotated 360 degrees according to the cutting needs to complete the three operation purposes of horizontal, vertical, and inclined.

5. The manual drive positioning device is used to realize the fine-tuning requirements of separation and cutting positioning.

6. The machine can adopt different line speeds according to the needs of different stone characteristics.

7. Small size, lightweight, flexible and light movement, reasonable appearance design, beautiful and practical.

8. The use of a guide wheel guide system can complete difficult cutting operations in the complex natural environment.

9. The machine can be operated by two people and multiple machines, and the operation efficiency is greatly improved compared with the traditional mining process.

10. The resource consumption of this machine is extremely low, the yield of block materials can be increased by more than 50% compared with the traditional process, the comprehensive mining cost can be greatly reduced, and the profit space can be significantly expanded.

Quarry Stone Cutting Machine detail
Quarry Stone Cutting Machine parts

Five Precautions For The Use Of Quarry Stone Cutting Machine

As we all know, the Quarry Stone Cutting Machine is widely used as a mining machine, but it should also pay attention to safety when using it. These five precautions should be kept in mind:
1. Try to turn off the switching power supply of the power supply system before connecting to the main switching power supply of the Quarry Stone Cutting Machine.

2. When adjusting the up and down position and orientation of the drive flywheel, be sure to recognize whether there are roadblocks around and whether other parts of the machinery and equipment will be encountered. When the drive flywheel is adjusted to the terminal station of the upper and lower positions, the adjustment should be terminated first to prevent damage to the screw nut or damage to the motor winding. It is strongly required that the drive flywheel does not have to be adjusted to the upper and lower terminal positions. The driving flywheel cannot be turned vertically upward, otherwise the main motor cable will be twisted.

3. When carrying out laser cutting, always check the supply status of cooling circulating water. Once the supply of cooling circulating water is not timely, the laser cutting should be terminated first to prevent damage to the bead rope.

4. It is forbidden to carry out sawing work when the switching power supply is out of phase.

5. When the mining wire saw cutting machine laser cuts the separated body, it must follow the standard of laser cutting the sea level first and then laser cutting the vertical plane. During the whole process of sea-level laser cutting, the support plate wedge should be added to the saw seam that has already been laser-cut. To avoid the falling of the rock layer and pressing the bead rope, which will lead to the bead rope billing and safety accidents. If necessary, it can also be installed vertically Insert the wedge support plate into the straight saw seam to separate the body.

Quarry Stone Cutting Machine

The Role Of Quarry Stone Cutting Machine

1. A quarry stone block cutting machine is a very powerful cutting tool. It can quickly cut various rigid products such as concrete and the like. Wire saw machines have been widely used in the construction industry and the mining industry. The wire saw machines are easy to operate and work efficiently.

2. In the process of understanding the diamond wire saw quarry equipment, this equipment occupies a very important position in the cutting of brittle and hard materials, which can greatly improve the overall production efficiency. The composition of the equipment is also relatively simple. The wire saw machine is composed of flywheels, guide wheels, wire saw chains and other components, which also occupy a very important position in the production process.

3. From the specific use of the quarry cutting machine, it can be understood that the operation during its use is often relatively simple, especially the depth can be arbitrarily selected during operation. Moreover, our machine is also very adaptable in the working environment, so the effect is very good when cutting thick wall tiles, concrete and other products.

4. In the process of getting to know this kind of granite quarry cutting machine product, people can understand that the operation of this kind of product is very simple and can reduce labor costs. Therefore, in terms of production, we can realize that this is indeed a simpler and more economical choice. Of course, the price of the equipment itself and the cost of maintenance are relatively cost-effective.

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