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Some General Knowledge About Stone Engraving Machine

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Some General Knowledge About Stone Engraving Machine

Some General Knowledge About Stone Engraving Machine

A stone Carving machine is a highly automated CNC machine tool, specialized in processing quartz, marble, granite, and other stones. The stone machine can realize the functions of deep processing, drilling, milling, grinding, and cutting.

Main functions of stone engraving machine: most commonly used for three-dimensional relief engraving, plane engraving, pattern engraving, chamfering, drilling, etc.

Application fields of CNC stone engraving machine: mainly used in the construction industry, construction industry decoration, tombstone industry, artwork relief, furniture decoration, and decoration industry.

1. Carving and cutting of tile background wall, glass wall, copper, aluminum, etc.

2. Stone stele carving, stone pillars, Buddha statues, mold carvings, etc.

Materials that can be processed in the stone engraving machine: It can process various high-hardness materials, suitable for marble, granite, jade, gemstones, etc.

Various factors should be considered when choosing a stone CNC engraving machine. Here to share some small experiences, I hope to help you.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at stone CNC engraving machines. You will understand what is a stone CNC engraving machine and what is the engraving method of a stone CNC engraving machine. How does the stone CNC engraving machine work? CNC engraving machine price.

What is a stone CNC engraving machine?

Stone CNC engraving machine is a fully automatic CNC machine tool, specially designed for deep processing of granite, granite, artificial stone, granite, slate and other stone materials, and can realize the functions of drilling, milling, grinding and cutting.

Main functions of stone CNC engraving machine: Stone CNC engraving machine can be used for three-dimensional relief, pointed bottom engraving, plane engraving, straight line engraving, chamfering, drilling, etc.

Application field of stone CNC engraving machine: Stone CNC engraving machine is suitable for stone industry, stone processing industry, art relief, decoration and decoration industry.

Applicable materials for stone CNC engraving machine: Stone CNC engraving machine is suitable for marble, granite, jade, bluestone, black stone, etc.

A good brand is the first factor to consider when buying a CNC machine. There are tens of thousands of manufacturers, and there are significant differences in the market competitiveness of different brands. GENTLE CNC has accumulated rich experience in the CNC engraving machine market in the process of brand building. Therefore, product quality and performance can be more effectively guaranteed, and customers can be provided with guaranteed pre-sales training, sales guidance and after-sales support. Thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Therefore, with the continuous improvement of the quality and added value of CNC stone engraving machines, the price of CNC machine tools of well-known brands is also higher than that of ordinary brands.

Advantages of stone engraving machine

Advantages 1. The stone engraving machine has a high degree of automation, which can greatly reduce the manual labor intensity of the operator.

The stone carving process is automatically completed according to the input program. The operator simply activates the tool set, loads and unloads the workpiece, and changes the tool. In the process of processing, it is mainly to observe and supervise the operation of the machine tool.

Advantages: 2, machined parts with high precision and stable quality.

The positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the stone engraving machine are very high, and it is easy to ensure the consistency of the size of a batch of parts. As long as the process design and procedures are correct and reasonable, combined with careful operation, the parts can be guaranteed to obtain high machining accuracy, and it is also convenient to implement quality control during the machining process.

Advantage 3, is high production efficiency.

Stone carving processing can process multiple processing surfaces in one clamping, generally, only the first piece is detected, so many intermediate processes such as marking and size detection in ordinary stone carving machines can be omitted, and auxiliary time is reduced. And because the quality of CNC machining parts is stable, it brings convenience to subsequent processes, and its overall efficiency is significantly improved.

Advantage 4. It is convenient for new product development and modification.

CNC machining generally does not require a lot of complex process equipment, and parts with complex shapes and high precision requirements can be processed by compiling machining programs. When the product is modified design is changed, only the program needs to be modified, and the tooling does not need to be redesigned. Therefore, stone carving processing can greatly shorten the product development cycle and provide shortcuts for the development of new products and product improvement and modification.

Advantage 5. It can be developed into more manufacturing systems.

Stone engraving machines and their processing technology are the basis of computer-aided manufacturing.

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