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The Working Principle Of Diamond Wire Saw

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Diamond wire saw (machine), also known as diamond bead saw, also known as diamond bead wire cutting machine, is currently the most advanced stone mining equipment in the world. It is the third generation product in the development process of diamond tools and a new generation cutting tool , After more than 20 years of research, development and improvement.

It has been widely used in the stone industry, machinery industry and construction field, mainly used in the mining and processing of stone, the demolition and repair of reinforced concrete buildings, glass and other brittle In the processing of hard materials, with the progress of foreign research on diamond wire saw cutting steel parts, it is also used in special fields such as the maintenance of subsea components and the dismantling of nuclear power plants.

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1. The Working Principle Of Diamond Wire Saw Machine

Diamond wire saws can be driven by hydraulic motors or electric motors. It is mainly composed of main motion system, feeding system, diamond bead saw, tensioning device, guiding mechanism, control system, cooling system and other components. Diamond beaded ropes are usually cut in a closed loop, driven at the desired speed by a device mounted on a track.

2. Diamond Beaded Rope Structure

The diamond beaded rope is composed of a rope fixed with diamond beads according to a certain gap. It consists of six parts: ① steel rope; ② diamond beads; ③ steel ring, mainly used for distance and isolation of beads; Separate the beads and make the beads run along the rope in a small range. Commonly used spacers include spring sleeves, plastic sleeves, and rubber sleeves; Before working, pass one end of the beaded rope through the two holes drilled into the marble in the vertical or horizontal direction and intersect at one point, and then connect the two ends of the beaded rope with joints to form a closed shape.

3. Common Manufacturing Forms Of Diamond Beads

① Sintering method. The diamond particles are sintered by powder metallurgy. Usually, a layer of diamond particles with a thickness of 1-1.5~ is arranged at the outer diameter. This method enables the diamond ring to have uniform cutting performance and long service life. Due to its self-sharpening performance, the ring block can always maintain sharp cutting performance. The choice of diamond ring block can be selected according to the material to be processed. Different thickness, bonding agent, and hardness, in order to achieve the purpose of high efficiency and economy.

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② electroplating method. This method is made by electrodepositing a layer of diamond single crystal on the steel substrate, so its technological process is the same as that of general diamond electroplating products. It is made of 45# or 40cr steel, so as to facilitate the firm combination of electroplating and plating, and at the same time make the inner hole resistant to the friction of the steel rope.

③ Brazing method. The diamonds in the high-temperature brazing beads are regularly arranged, and the distribution is reasonable. Chemical bonding and metallurgical bonding coexist. The diamond has a strong holding force, high sawing speed, and relatively low sawing cost.

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