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How To Maintain The Stone Carving Machine?

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How To Maintain The Stone Carving Machine?

1. The brain part of the stone carving machine belongs to electronic equipment. The dust in the factory will accumulate in the main computer box. Especially in summer, the heat dissipation is not very good, and it will easily burn the circuit board. In order to keep the computer smooth, It still needs to be cleaned regularly.

2. It is necessary to regularly clean the lead screw, industrial control box, and circuit board, and clean the work surface in time, including the guide rail and the material debris next to the guide rail. This is also to enable the equipment to operate better and prevent the occurrence of jamming.


3. After adding oil, it is necessary to walk back and forth at a slow speed, which can also better ensure that the lubricating oil can be added to the guide rail and the lead screw evenly. If the machine is not used for a long time, it also needs to be refueled and empty on a regular basis. This is to ensure the flexibility of the equipment. Due to the low temperature, oil can be added to both the guide rail and the lead screw, preferably antifreeze oil. The refueling cycle is twice a month, that is, once every two weeks. These are all things to be aware of, and many people may overlook this aspect, but it’s something to be aware of.

4. When using the stone carving machine in winter, we must pay attention to pouring out the water in the water tank in time when the machine is not in use to prevent the water tank and water pipes from freezing and cracking, which affects our normal use.

The general practical operation conditions of CNC machine tool stone carving machines mainly include the free condition, the lock condition, the emergency stop condition, the operation condition, and the suspended condition.

How to operate common CNC stone engraving machine?

1. Spare situation
It is the most common situation, where CNC lathes have no posture output today and are ready to accept new daily tasks anytime, anywhere, just starting a new posture.
2. Locking situation
The lock-up situation is an internal situation, generally emphasized when the situation is changed. Therefore, under normal circumstances, customers cannot touch it.
3. Emergency stop situation
It’s an anomaly. There is a common fault in the hardware configuration of the CNC lathe or when the customer presses the “emergency stop” button, the system software enters this situation, and performs the maintenance posture required in advance, such as turning off the servo motor, cooling pump, etc. In this case, The CNC lathe is locked, and all new positions cannot be implemented. After the customer clears the common faults in the hardware configuration or eliminates the emergency stop power switch, the system implements the “calibration” actual operation to restore the CNC lathe to the “vacant” situation.
4. Operation
When the CNC lathe has implemented the posture, the system software enters the operation state.
5. Pause state
When the CNC lathe is exercising, if the customer executes the “actual operation | abort” command, or the system software analyzes to M01 (waiting for a command), the system software enters the pause state and waits for further input by the customer. The customer can execute the “actual operation | just started” command, and can also execute the “termination” or “calibration” command to interrupt the current actual operation, so that the system software enters the “vacant” state.

How To Maintain The Stone Carving Machine? - In conclusion

Stone carving machine is suitable for jade carving, stone carving, brick carving, handicrafts, architectural models, hand board fixtures, advertising signs, electronic circuit boards and other industries, suitable for plexiglass, acrylic, PS, PVC, polyester, circuit boards, marble, Aluminum copper and other materials
The square steel welded bed is annealed and will not deform for 10 years.
Servo system, high speed, and high precision.
Precision spindle, high power, low noise, and low failure rate. Good position, no random pauses, no smashing knives.

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