Stone Cutting Machine

Stone Block Cutting Machine – Dual Drive Block Cutting Machine

US $48,000 – 53,000 / Set

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Stone Block Cutting Machine

Stone Block Cutting Machine – Dual Drive Block Cutting Machine

Model: DQCM-26-75-A/, DQCM-26-75-B, DQCM-26-95-A, /DQCM-26-95-B  

Product Features:
Dual drive heavy-duty Granite Saw for Sale block cutting machine, adopts our patented dual-drive mode (one pull and one push) for moving left and right, and can adjust the moving speed according to the material, and cooperate with the Dual V-track beam track, so moving more stable.

Lifting using hydraulic, with four guide post made of 200mm solid round steel chrome-plated; front and back adopt screw drive and double nut drive and cooperate with the oil-immersed side beam rail, which is more wear-resistant; adopts longer and more heavy casting beams, Cutting more stable. Main parts adopt imported materials.

The block can be placed in the ground directly to save worktable and its maintenance costs; Thus the whole machine is featured as high cutting efficiency, high slicing precision, the flatness of plate after cutting, high stability, easy-operating to suit especially cutting granite block.

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