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Stone Profiling Machine

Stone Profiling Machine is a great way to ensure accuracy in your production process. By using these machines, you can be sure that your products are of the highest quality. With our years of experience in manufacturing Line Profiling Machines, you can trust us to provide you with the best products possible.

Stone Profiling Machine​

In recent years, the demand for high-grade stone products in the building decoration industry has increased, the proportion of stone profiling products in decorative stone products has gradually increased, and people’s aesthetic views are constantly changing. Higher requirements are put forward for the type, shape, precision and size of profiling products. The traditional manual processing method is difficult to meet the market demand, and the proportion is also decreasing year by year. At the same time, the automatic processing technology with CNC technology as the core is also more and more used in the stone industry, which promotes the development of stone profiling machines.

1. Definition And Classification Of Stone Profiling Products

Stone profiling products can be understood as all other stone products except stone plate products, which can be classified as stone profiling products. There are many ways to classify stone profiling products, we only discuss the classification according to their processing methods.
Flat profiling products, such as flat relief products, fireplaces, bathroom basin boards, kitchen stove boards, floral lines, parquet boards, curved edge boards, etc., their shapes can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. The forming motion of such products is the translation of the tool or table along the X, Y, and Z directions.

stone profiling revolving products are mainly all kinds of profiling or regular profiling cylinders, vases, railings, etc., whose shape is characterized by the axial symmetry of the products. The forming motion of this type of product is the rotation of the workpiece. The tool has two orthogonal motion relationships, and its motion direction is in the same plane as the rotation axis of the rotary body.

Stone three-dimensional profiling products, including three-dimensional portraits, animals, plants and other decorative objects, sculptures, sculptured columns, column bases and column capitals. They may be both asymmetric and irregular, as well as axisymmetric or regular articles. At least four dimensions are required, the translation of the tool along the X, Y, and Z directions, the rotary motion of the workpiece, and some devices have the swing and forward motion of the tool axis.

Different types of stone profiling products use different stone profiling machine processing methods, and have their own characteristics in processing technology and equipment.

2. Automatic Processing Technology And Equipment For Stone Profiling machine

The profiling of stone profiling machine is a kind of mechanism profiling formed by mechanical or hydraulic mechanisms after a certain combination of motion relationships, and has the characteristics of synchronizing the coordinate relationship between input and output points. It is based on the product model. machining method.

More and more devices are now capable of profiling control. There is a fundamental difference between profiling control and digital control in principle. It uses the profiling instrument as a detection and feedback element, calculates the speed value on each coordinate axis of the machine tool according to the offset of the profiling finger and other related parameters, and directly outputs it to the servo unit, so that the profiling finger maintains the specified offset The volume sweeps along the surface of the model. Numerical Tracer Control (NTC for short) can be divided into straight line NTC, arc NTC and other curve NTC according to the different trajectories obtained by its numerical control interpolation. Digital profiling includes two categories: straight line NTC and circular arc NTC. Because from the control principle, the difference between the two is only: one performs linear interpolation, the other performs circular interpolation, and the basic profiling principle is the same.

3. CNC stone Profiling Machine Tools And Stand-alone Production Lines

Numerical control, that is, digital control, in the field of machine tools refers to a method of using digital signals to control the movement of machine tools and their processing processes. A CNC stone profiling machine tool is a machine tool that adopts CNC technology, or a machine tool equipped with a CNC system. Modern CNC stone profiling machine tools all use computers as control systems. The development of numerical control technology and computer-aided design and manufacturing technology is making fundamental changes in traditional mechanical design and manufacturing methods. 

In particular, the popularization and application of modern computer numerical control machine tools, due to the use of computer-aided numerical control programming, shortens the manufacturing cycle of products, improves the competitiveness of products, and has obvious economic benefits and broad development prospects. The current numerical control technology has entered the sixth generation, with a certain degree of openness.

In addition to the multi-functional CNC machining center, the CNC machining equipment for profiling stone processing also includes CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, CNC cylindrical engraving equipment, CNC bridge cutting machines, CNC diamond bead saws, CNC rotary surface processing equipment, and CNC stone profiling processing equipment. Countertop processing equipment, etc.

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4. Multifunctional CNC stone profiling Machining Center

Multifunctional CNC machining centers are generally used to produce three-dimensional profiling stone products. This type of equipment usually concentrates the functions of multiple ordinary CNC machining centers on one device. Many functions of the device can be realized by adding optional accessories. A CNC stone profiling machining center with only one cylindrical milling cutter power head generally requires five-dimensional control, that is, the equipment must be able to control the rotation angle positioning of the workpiece, the horizontal (x-axis), vertical (z-axis), front and rear (Y-axis) of cylindrical milling cutters The movement and positioning of the axis), as well as the movement in the five directions of the swing angle of the tool axis itself, are the minimum control dimensions required to complete the processing of statue products.

The adjustment of the workpiece speed is to adapt to the processing of stone materials with different materials and hardness (such as marble, granite, etc.), and the speed of the tool should also be controlled; Processing of diameter products. If you need to complete the processing of various profiling of profiling products, you can add a sawing power head equipped with a circular saw blade to implement the sawing processing of the workpiece. The power head and the power head of the cylindrical milling cutter can be installed on the same movable beam, and the three movement directions of X, Y and Z can also be controlled. The blade can be rotated along a vertical axis through its diameter (360° rotation of the blade plane). The positioning of the rotation angle can be controlled, so the saw blade can cut in all directions. If the vertical axis swing function of this power head is given, the equipment can control the added sawing power head in five dimensions.

In order to improve the automation degree and production efficiency of the multi-dimensional CNC stone profiling machining center, the equipment is also equipped with a tool library with a capacity of 10-25 tools, and the tools are automatically replaced according to the needs during the processing.

Multi-dimensional CNC stone profiling machining centers generally use two methods of graphic programming and model scanning to establish product modeling programs. For simple or regular symmetrical products, the geometric model software in CAD (computer-aided design system) can be used to establish two- and three-dimensional geometric model programs that need to design and process products, and the selected size and profiling parameters can be used to define the geometric model. Dimensions; if you modify these parameters, you can also generate geometric models of other sizes and profiling. The two and three-dimensional graphics functions of CAD are very large, and it is a necessary graphic design software for CNC machining centers. CAM is a computer-aided manufacturing program that guides and arranges tool processing according to graphic programs. It contains the database of all processing modes of 3D graphics, controls the power head, tool or workpiece to move according to the profiling of the geometry to be processed, and can automatically select and replace tools to complete the processing. For the three-dimensional sculpture products with complex profiling such as character sculpture, the operation of generating geometric models by manual programming is very complicated and the workload is too large, so in order to simplify the operation and improve the production efficiency, the laser scanning method can be used. The solid model is scanned and converted into a graphic program by the numerical control system, which improves the efficiency and accuracy of programming. On the CNC machining center with complete functions and many control dimensions, in addition to the installation of graphic design programs, it is generally equipped with a laser scanning device to complete the profiling of various profiling of products.

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