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Technological Innovation Of Stone Machinery

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Technological Innovation Of Stone Machinery 


In the process of stone production, stone engraving machines require a lot of stone machinery and tools, including stone engraving machines. In addition, there are related auxiliary processes around the stone production process. The machinery, spare parts, tools, auxiliary materials, instruments, etc. they use constitute all the machinery of the entire stone production process.

There are many types and specifications of stone machinery, tools, and auxiliary materials in the classification of stone machinery types in various stone production processes. Divided and classified according to the production process of stone, it is possible to clearly understand which machinery should be used in which process link in the whole process of stone production. Which machinery works in which link of production. It is also a convenient mode of modern management to divide the types of machinery according to the process of stone production.

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Classification By Type Of Stone Machinery

The types of stone machinery are divided according to the various production processes of stone and examples of mechanical equipment required for each production process of decorative stone. Examples of geological drilling rigs, ground drilling rigs, radioactivity detectors, sample analyzers, rock splitters and other stone mining stages in the exploration and mine design stage. Diamond wire saws machine, mast cranes, capstone machines, truck cranes, excavators, chain pushers, air compressors, chain arm saws, etc. Stone processing stage sand saws, circular saws, frame saws, grinding machines, stone profiling machines, plastering machines, sheet processing lines, synthetic stone lines, diamond tools and other stone decoration and decoration design CAD software, digital cameras, computers, scanners, Stone decoration and decoration stage such as laser scribing machine, wall saw, cleaning machine, refurbishment machine, chemical anchor bolt, dry pendant, line-off instrument and other stone testing stage Maintenance and protection of stone refurbishment machine, washing machine, water absorption machine, gloss detector and other stone comprehensive utilization of synthetic stone production line, filter, water purifier, stone punching machine, stone brick making machine and other stone machinery classification methods Stone In addition to being divided by the production process, the types of machinery are also divided by their processing technology. Such as cutting machine, cutting machine with diamond segment (or whole edge) circular saw blade will be used in cutting stone wool board, on-site decoration and inspection. Another example is drilling rigs. Various types of drilling rigs are also used in mine sampling, processing drilling, decoration, and artwork stone carving machine.

Introduction Of Big Stone Carving Machine

According To The Type Of Stone Machinery Materials

There are also divisions according to the materials used, such as stone processing tools made of diamond, cubic boron nitride, etc. as abrasives, which are collectively referred to as superhard material tools. Synthetic devices made from stone scraps are called superhard material tools. The synthetic stone equipment made of stone fragments is called synthetic stone production line, etc.

Stone machinery is also undergoing rapid changes like machinery in other industries. Today, stone machinery has made more progress in many types than ever before. For example, the sand saw for processing granite has been developed to a machine that can process 7m wide and clamp 4 standard blocks at the same time. It has 230 saw blades and can process 3500m2 in 24 hours. The technology of wire saw machine and diamond beaded rope for mining granite has matured, and it has begun to enter the mine in batches. Special-shaped stone processing equipment is developing in the direction of diversification and multi-model. The popularization and use of stone machining centers with a variety of tools provides a means for product innovation. The introduction and application of stone CAD design software provides a variety of forms and patterns for stone decoration. Ultra-thin and super-large stone equipment has also been developed, making the specifications and dimensions of new products more suitable for decoration and decoration requirements. New and convenient stone decoration machinery and tools are more widely used in the decoration site. Stone cleaning, protection and bonding machinery has become a new application field of stone chemistry. The production equipment of artificial synthetic stone has been localized, which has promoted the utilization of resources and the development of the field of using artificial synthetic stone.

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