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The 22nd China Xiamen International Stone Fair ended

22nd China Xiamen International Stone Fair (2)

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The 22nd China Xiamen International Stone Fair

The 22nd China Xiamen International Stone Fair (referred to as “Xiamen Stone Fair”) was held at the Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center. Industry professionals from the entire upstream and downstream stone industry chain, construction and design circles, and cross-border platform institutions gathered Xiamen, pay attention to and discuss the high-quality development of the stone industry.

The 22nd China Xiamen International Stone Fair

The 22nd China Xiamen International Stone Fair will be held at Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center from July 30 to August 2, 2022. In 2022, with the slogan of “sharing the new ecology of the stone world”, Xiamen Stone Fair will conform to the new pattern, integrate channel resources, upgrade the ecological platform, and explore the road of upgrading, transformation and development with the industry.

“Dual-Line Exhibition” presents a new pattern of “Dual Circulation”

In 2022, Xiamen Stone Fair will continue the new pattern of dual-cycle development, deeply excavate domestic advantageous varieties, high-tech patented technologies, and enrich the categories and technical characteristics of artificial stone, slate, and new building materials. Overseas mine owners and domestic enterprises have joined forces to re-integrate imported material resources and channels, and once again magnified the platform utility of Xiamen Stone Fair as a global material selection center.

The total area of this exhibition is 162,000 square meters, with 20 exhibition halls, which are divided into eight exhibition areas including domestic stone exhibition area, international exhibition area, artificial stone exhibition area, stone cutting machinery tool exhibition area, outdoor exhibition area, variety exhibition area, design exhibition area, and media area. More than 1,100 high-quality domestic and foreign enterprises participated in the exhibition as scheduled, among which, more than 40 overseas mine owners entrusted domestic representative offices to participate in the exhibition.

Aiming at the existing industry characteristics and pain points, the Xiamen Stone Fair on the Cloud creates a two-line exhibition effect of “online display, offline drainage”. The online exhibition combined with the media matrix effect, with product information and in-depth content as the core, multi-angle and multi-dimensional preheating and drainage for the offline exhibition, extending the “Xiamen time” from 4 days to 365 days, which is also for the normalization of the epidemic situation. Create effective channels for international business exchanges. In 2022, nearly 400 overseas stone and machinery enterprises will appear at the Xiamen Stone Fair on the Cloud.

Interpret materials with “possibility” and explore design with “landing”

In 2022, while expanding the content of the exhibition, Xiamen Stone Fair will return the perspective to the stone itself. Through “interpreting materials”, will really help the industry to find future possibilities, linking the design with the purpose of “landing”, and will explore the concrete expression.

22nd China Xiamen International Stone Fair (1)

1. Global Architectural Master Forum

On July 30, 2022, the 12th Global Architectural Master Forum will come as scheduled. The forum organizing committee has invited two guests: He Jingtang, an architect and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Daniel Statham, a well-known British architect. Affected by the epidemic, Academician He Jingtang will attend online.

2. Xiamen Habitat Design Life Festival

Xiamen Habitat Design Life Festival is jointly sponsored by Xiamen International Stone Fair and IHIDA International Habitat Space Design Association. The stone and design are precisely connected from an all-round perspective of production, education and research, and are presented in three major sections: exhibitions, forums and industrial study tours. The 2nd Habitat Space Design Exhibition, top ten industry designers Liang Zhitian, Xie Tian, Zhang Can, Sun Jianya, Huang Yongcai, Cui Shu, Tan Si, Xie Yingkai, Deng Lisi, Zheng Zheng, as always, explored the ideal human settlement space, and made a ” With the theme of “One Stone, One Life”, with “Life” as the core, the vitality, growth and vitality of stone materials are presented in the form of space exhibitions, leading the audience to walk into an imaginative stone world. The Habitat Space Development Forum invited five industry leaders, Liang Zhitian, Xie Tian, Zhang Can, Cui Shu, and Huang Qisheng to have a dialogue.

3. Stone Infinite Product Design Exhibition

Stone Infinite Product Design Exhibition breaks the inherent cognition that stone is only a building material, and brings the public’s understanding of stone to a new height. In 2022, Stone Infinite will use the theme of “Stones in the Garden” to bring stones into daily life in a more romantic form. Through the six space sections of art, home, utensils, architecture, salon and bar, the relationship between stone and life is described. Hang Jian, a design historian, the chief curator and professor of the Art Museum of China Academy of Art, will give a special sharing on July 30 from 10:00-11:30: “Stone of the Universe”. The offline architectural forum “Wandering in Xiamen to see the design of stone buildings” will be discussed by architects such as Wang Jing, Duo Ning, Bu Xiaojun, Xu Qi, Xiaojie, the national editor-in-chief of Sina Home.

4. “Xiamen Release” Global New Product Promotion

“Xiamen Release” brings together new products from global stone and related industries. Under the new normal brought about by the epidemic, the market focus has shifted, the supply and demand structure has changed, and green, environmental protection, and industrial intelligence have accelerated. Many companies choose to release new products of the year here, providing one-stop information + selection platform services for material selection.

5. World Stone Congress

The World Stone Conference, founded in 2009, consists of a series of forums and lectures, divided into “Stone Design Forum”, “Industry Exchange Session”, “Stone Lecture Hall” and other sections. The selection of topics is all-encompassing, and experimental discussions and collisions are conducted according to the current pain points and trends of the industry.

6. Natural Stone Variety Exhibition

Through the open collection and selection of all-natural stone exhibitors, 10 categories and 268 varieties will be exhibited in the first year. Focusing on the material itself, while pursuing the breadth and depth of varieties as much as possible, objectively present the latest and most mainstream market trends of the year.

Miniaturize new formats, boost new ecology

At the Xiamen Exhibition in 2022, stone people will speak for the new format with a high profile, and jointly explore the future of the new ecology of the industry. The stone industry is accelerating towards a series of new development stages such as green and low-carbon, youth, home life, brand upgrade, refined development, intelligent manufacturing, link design, etc., which will collide across borders in the way of on-site presentation, causing phenomenal topics. In 2022, “sharing” will create a rich participation experience, and there will be more opportunities for joint discussion and practice in the future.

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