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What Are The Raw Materials Required For Diamond Wire Saw Assembly And How To Choose And Assemble?

What Are The Raw Materials Required For Diamond Wire Saw Assembly And How To Choose And Assemble (1)

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The raw materials required for diamond wire saw assembly are steel wire, spring, washer and fixing ring. The following describes how to choose the best raw material:

1. Steel rope: The normal use and life guarantee of the wire saw is very important. Therefore, the steel rope is required to have high breaking strength and low elongation.

2. Spring and washer: These two components only play the role of spacing beads in the wire saw, and make the beads have a certain displacement on the steel wire, and there is no special requirement for their performance.

3. Fixed ring: The fixed ring is more important. Its function is to divide the wire saw into several cutting units to prevent the beads from running on the entire rope. Especially when the steel is strong and broken, the beads will not be lost. Generally, five beads are grouped into a group and fixed with a fixing ring. When the wire saw is assembled, after a group of beads and corresponding springs and washers are installed on the steel rope, the distance is adjusted, and the fixing ring is fixed on the steel rope with a jack, so the fixing ring is required to have a certain strength and ductility. .

The assembly of the diamond wire saw is based on the commonly used specification of 30 beads/meter, and every 5 diamond beads forms a cutting unit. The assembly process is as follows:

1. Cut off the steel rope according to the length required by the user, and be careful not to twist the ends of the steel cable loose;

2. Grind one end of the steel cable into a conical shape on the grinder to facilitate penetration of various components;

3. Insert the prepared various components from the tapered end of the steel cable one by one according to the relevant assembly form and translate it to the other end;

4. After wearing all parts of a cutting unit, press the spring to adjust the length of a cutting unit;

5. Lose the fixing ring forward to make it compress the spring, temporarily clamp the steel cable with the hand pliers against the fixing ring, so that it will not be moved, place the fixing ring in the crescent mouth of the special jack, start the jack, apply pressure, The upper and lower pressure heads are fully closed, so that the fixing ring is deformed by pressure, and the steel cable is tightly clamped;

6. Repeat the above 1~5 operations to complete the assembly of the second group of units, and continue until the entire line is completed;

7. Assemble the connecting screw joints on both ends of the steel cable and coat with anti-rust oil.

In some combination forms, each spring must be sealed with a plastic sleeve. The method of injection molding is used for sealing. It is also possible to put a half-cooked plastic sleeve on it, heat it to cure it, and seal the spring and beaded steps.

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